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Crown Holiday Specialties

Only available for a limited time!

Candied macadamia nut centers are dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in powdered sugar. "Snow way to stop eating 'em!" Our Melt Away Fudge, made from a recipe more than  90 years old, gets all dressed up for the Holidays. This 9 Piece box has royal icing decorations for added holiday flair. Buffalo Snow Balls Christmas Decorated Melt Away Fudge

$ 9.95


Chocolate Holiday Suckers

$ 1.95


Holiday Chocolate Suckers

Creamy milk chocolate, smooth dark chocolate, fragrantly tasty orange chocolate, sweet ivory chocolate, or even unique peanut butter chocolate, we have Holiday suckers in many flavors and sizes.

Holiday Suckers Holiday Minis Our bite sized flat holiday pieces are made in European molds to give them more definition. They are available in all of our delicious varieties - Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Orange Chocolate, or Ivory Chocolate.

Complementary Wrapping Paper?

$ 11.48


Half Pound Christmas Miniatures


Complementary Wrapping Paper Choice:

$ 11.95