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Crown Holiday Specialties

Only available for a limited time!

Candied macadamia nut centers are dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in powdered sugar. "Snow way to stop eating 'em!" Our Melt Away Fudge, made from a recipe more than  90 years old, gets all dressed up for the Holidays. This 9 Piece box has royal icing decorations for added holiday flair. Buffalo Snow Balls Christmas Decorated Melt Away Fudge

$ 11.49


Holiday Minis Our bite sized flat holiday pieces are made in European molds to give them more definition. They are available in all of our delicious varieties - Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Orange Chocolate, or Ivory Chocolate.

Complementary Wrapping Paper?

$ 6.95


Mint Leaves Delicious mint creams artfully decorated In splashed green cocoa butter. 15 Piece Boxes Available in Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Or mixed Milk and Dark Chocolate.

Complementary Wrapping Paper?

$ 10.95


Holiday Assortments Baskets and More! 2018 More Stocking Stuffers! Our top three sellers - two pieces of Milk      Chocolate Sponge Candy, two       pieces of our Famous Melt Away,       and a Milk Chocolate Royal Truffle -       in a classy gold box with a gold bow.

Half Pound Box of Chocolate Holiday Flats

$ 11.98



 Melt Away


$ 12.95