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King Condrell's Sponge Candy - Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter

King Condrell’s Candy & Ice Cream      2805 Delaware Avenue     Kenmore, New York 14217     716.877.4485            

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Ice Cream Cakes

     Since studying the basics of ice cream composition, formulation, and processing at Penn State, Rich has been making all of our Ice Cream, right in our kitchen on Delaware Avenue in Kenmore, New York.

     Shortly after stocking all of our dipping freezers, Rich set his sights on creating Ice Cream  cakes.  Our  cakes  are  made  from

What size cake ?

8”? 10”? Larger?

What flavor Ice Cream for your Bottom Layer?

What flavor Ice Cream for your Top Layer?

Middle Layer -


Hot Fudge?


Peanut Butter?

Custom Flavor?

Plus Oreo Cookie Crumbs?

Plus Other Mix-in?

Decoration on Top -

Balloons and Mini Ice Cream Cone?



Message on the cake?

Decorations on Cake Side -

Rainbow or Chocolate Sprinkles?



Any other Special Requests?

When would you like the cake for?

(Sorry, but because of

Massive Labor Shortage,

We need at least 3 Business days!)

Traditional Ice Cream, rather than Soft Serve - like most cakes you may have had. Soft Serve machines take Ice Cream and add air to make a less dense product. When you taste our Ice Cream cake, you will TASTE the DIFFERENCE!

     We make Ice Cream cakes to order, so please stop in or call (716)877-4485.

Here are the questions you will be asked -