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King Condrell's Sponge Candy - Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter

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Charlie Chaplin

A delicious mix of marshmallow, coconut, and cashews, our Charlie Chaplin has been pleasing patrons for more than 25 years. Here’s the history as we know it …     

     In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, Buffalo was a confectionary hot spot. Candy makers took joy in crafting candies for their neighborhoods,  so many found it easy to be friendly and share ideas, ingredients and even recipes with their fellow businessmen without causing too much of a competitive feud.

    These candy makers worked together to sponsor various events and promotions. Inspired by a poem and lagging autumn business, the confectioners coined the second Saturday in October as Sweetest Day, a holiday that many still celebrate.

    Another of these events was bringing the rising silent movie star Charlie Chaplin to Buffalo for the premier of his film The Adventurer.  The legend goes that the confectioners asked Charlie his favorite candies in anticipation of his arrival. The British actor is supposed to have stated that he loved chocolate, coconut, and marshmallow and that his favorite nuts were cashews.  Of course the candy makers whipped all of those together and offered those attending the premier their new, “Charlie Chaplin candy.”

    Buffalo candy makers have continued this candy making tradition and make Charlie Chaplin in many sizes and shapes.

$ 10.95 per 6oz Log


6 oz Chocolate Charlie Chaplin Log

 Our  confectioner,  Richard King,  makes logs,  loaves, and Baby Charlies. He also uses Milk, Dark, and even Orange Chocolate!

- portions of this story have been taken from the recollections of long time Buffalo candy maker Clarence Drescher.

One Pound Milk Chocolate Charlie Chaplin Loaf